Stamped concrete coatings for a playful landscape

A current trend in interior and exterior design is the use of new coating solutions that allow the architects to create different surroundings relatively cheap, yet at the same time offering substantial durability and aesthetic outlook. A logical and very practical expression of this trend is the use of stamped concrete coatings. They are used extensively by private home owners to industrial and social buildings to enhance their landscapes, while at the same time obtain a truly remarkable look. Stamped concrete coatings  resemble stone, brick, slate, cobblestone and many other products found in nature including wood, fossils, shells and many more.

A very successful variation of stamped concrete is the thin-layer coating, which is just like any other concrete-based surfacing material, expect for its reduced width. It is normally 5 to 9 mm. One of the most popular materials, which are used, is the TEXTURE-PAVE. This is a modified polymer coating, which is characterized by enhanced durability as compared to plain concrete. It is mostly preferred for paths, sideways, playgrounds, pavements or the areas around swimming pools. It does not really matter if you are constructing a new building or just resurfacing the landscape of an old one.

concrete coatings

The advantages of the stamped concrete coatings are numerous. For one, they do offer a huge choice of colors, shades and textures, which allows even the most creative architects to express their ideas by creating unique landscapes. This type of thin-layered coatings can virtually turn into the main focus point of your garden or even your interior. This is one of the most preferred solutions every time a quick redesign of the whole place is required.

This is a very cost-effective architectural approach especially as compared to natural stone or pavers; moreover, it endures remarkably long, while the installation can be surprisingly fast. The final product will undoubtedly last for long, while at the same time it will recreate the same landscape sensations as natural elements with regard to color and design. Stamped concrete coatings is an easy choice for new construction and renovation projects.