Spa Bathroom Design Ideas

Spa Bathroom Design Ideas

Find the best bathroom spa design to make your own spa in your home. You have a hobby to a spa in every weekend? It’s not cheap and spend your money to much. Now, let’s imagine if you can transform your bathroom into a spa bathroom, you can relaxing anytime without having to spend lots of money. Let’s read my guidelines and see the pictures bellow to get more ideas about bathroom designs before you make your own bathroom like bathroom design ideas

To transform a bathroom into a spa bathroom, the main to consider is space. The room is important, because it will make comfort, luxury and privacy room. All you need is a larger room because average standard bathtub size is 2mx1m and it still need a more space to shower or spa equipment. You can add a small high water fountain to produce a smoothing gurgling sound or small tape if you like music. If your bathroom too small, you can outsmart by adjusting the position of the toilet and choosing smaller bathtub.

Don’t forget about lighting decorations. Don’t too bright, dim lighting when you want to relax. You can buy a dimmer switch at the hardware store so that bright lights could set as you want.

Wall color is also an important aspect to decorate the bathroom into a spa. Use smooth colors and not too flashy like smooth dark, gray, cream or sky blue. Add some flower or animal motifs on the walls, it will add comfort while you relax.

Now, let’s see the best bathroom spa design bellow for more inspiration and ideas: