Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Small kitchens can look adorable, but they present some design challenges. You need to find space for all the necessary furniture, appliances and equipment without sacrificing comfort and functionality. In this post, we will give you a few small kitchen remodel ideas to help you with the task of furnishing and decorating the limited space.

To make the space seem larger, follow an open floor plan in your kitchen remodel. Allow the space to flow into the dining or living room.

open plan kitchen

If the kitchen is very small, use downsized appliances. A smaller oven, range hood and microwave will be in proportion to the tiny space.


Add wall cabinets to the small kitchen design. This will help you keep everything organized and clear some space on the countertops.


Buy a kitchen island. This will give you more storage options, additional surface and a dining space.

kitchen island

Choosing the right lighting, when planning a small kitchen remodel, is the key. Sufficient lighting will visually expand the space and create a good mood.


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