Small kitchen ideas

Almost every kitchen has a design flaw or something that can be changed to make the space more workable. If you have building restrictions, you have options to design a small kitchen and still be satisfied.  Put in as many kitchen cabinets as you can fit.This is very important when designing a small kitchen. Think about the placement of cabinets in relation to the appliances.

small kitchenAs you can see, the kitchen is a one-wall kitchen with a width of less than two meters and still contains all the major appliances every kitchen needs, even the small ones. From right to left, we have the refrigerator first with an ice maker.  Next to the refrigerator, we have a few cabinets for food storage. After that follows the cooker, with an aspirator above it and two more cabinets.




Between the cooker and the sink, we have some counter space. Even large kitchens are difficult to work in if there isn’t enough counter space. Plan to cover as much of the area not occupied with appliances with countertops.  Even a small kitchen requires counter space for cutting up stuff or preparing a dish. Under the sink, we have two cabinets and above it, compartments for washed dishes.

There is also a coffee maker next to the sink and a washing machine is also present. How do you fit all these appliances in a small kitchen you ask? The answer is planning! When you know you have limited space, you need to be able to make the most out of it. One easily overlooked design element is good lighting. Under-counter lighting and clean halogen lights can make the space appear larger and more comfortable. In this particular small kitchen, you can see under-counter lights and together with the ceiling lights provide perfect lighting in the kitchen.