Small Kitchen Countertop With Backsplash

Small Kitchen Countertop With Backsplash

Small kitchen countertop with backsplash — When discussing about the kitchen and some of the major elements in the kitchen, do you think also about the wall? Sink, kitchen table and the refrigerator is certainly the most needed while cooking in the kitchen. However, you should begin to look to the walls of your kitchen. A lot of cooking activities, ranging from cutting vegetables and meat to fry, it can lead to the kitchen looks messy and dirty. Splashing water, oil or heat of the fire in the stove, for example, often leaving an unattractive appearance and the impression left on the wall behind the squalid area of ​​the kitchen countertop.


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If you start a deterrent to clean or repaint the wall just to hide the stains are difficult to clean it, then there is the right solution for you. Have you ever heard the term backsplash? Backsplash kitchen can help you get a slick, easy to clean, as well as complement the beauty of the whole kitchen. Backsplash is located behind the countertop that is used to protect walls and cabinets from damage or dirt that may be generated during the cooking or preparation for cooking.




As with any countertop and floor, there are various kinds of materials that you can use to create a backsplash. You can choose between marble, glass, ceramic, granite or steel, according to the style of the design considerations for efficiency. Although not included in the list must now build the kitchen, install backsplash around the sink is a wise choice. Because of frequent water splashing and getting wet, the walls will be used to quickly soiled or without a layer of moss backsplash. Installing a kitchen backsplash on the wall does not require a long time and includes easy. If you choose to use a ceramic material, for example, how will the same as installing ceramic tile on the floor. But keep in mind is that when installing backsplash tiles in wet areas and in other areas, wet areas required for the special treatment simply by covering it with a ceramic is not a guarantee of water will enter and damage the plaster wall — small kitchen countertop with backsplash.