Small Japanese Garden Design Ideas

Small Japanese garden design become most popular garden design in the world. This garden design from Sunshine Country gave the green atmosphere, elegant and beautify your home. This design is dominated by the decorative shades of forest with a stream of water and some miniature of classical Japanese house. In addition, you can add an accessories such as large stone, basin and bamboo to increase the Japanese shades more bright in your garden.

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More advantages of small Japanese garden design are don’t need a large space, because the Japanese garden is more flexible than other types of gardens. You can adjust the size and decoration according to the place you have. Before you start building a Japanese garden style, better you must knows what kind of elements used, so your garden truly look Japanese style.

Here are some elements that must exist in every ideal small Japanese garden design ideas:

Water is a symbol of life for Japanese people, so water is the most important element in small Japanese gardens design. Japanese people appreciate the presence of water and in the ancient tradition, they use water as a tool for ritual ceremonies. For the decorations of water, you can make it a small river or a mini lake with some Koi fish inside.

Bamboo is other important property for every Japanese garden ornament. You can put some mini bamboo plants in your garden. Besides, you can create a small fountain water with bigger bamboo so your guests can wash the hand before entering the house if your garden in front of your home.

There are two types of stone that you can use to decorate. The large rocks and small stones (pebble). For the big rocks, you can use to create the atmosphere of river or lake to make it seem more real. And the small stones often used as a floor on the garden with a larger size.

I am sure you already knew about the bonsai, the art of creating miniature and unique plants from Japans. Special for bonsai decor doesn’t seem important if you already using bamboo as a crop. Bonsai will give more cool and beautiful atmosphere in your garden. For the placement may be positioned at the top of your small Japanese garden design.