Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden Ideas

Small garden ideas — Creating a small garden area to be green takes a special trick. Want to know, see steps following a small green land. Actually, a limited area should not be a hindrance to create green space in the yard. Many interesting ideas that you can apply. These will be discussed two ideas that can be practiced at any newfangled home.


small garden ideas



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Planting grass in the grassblock is a perfect solution if you need a ‘green’ space at your house but you do not have the space. This small garden ideas can be car garage floor or your walkways, as well as a growing medium for grass. Fill the hole in the middle of a rock between a rock grassblock or soil mixed with compost or manure. ┬áPlanting grass seed in the hole grassblock. Press the soil after you plant the seeds for a new grass roots together with the soil media. Use the grass growth rate is relatively slow and did not grow spread. The ideal is a fine-textured grass that grows up and up. Flush regularly every morning and evening. Watering should be done just enough not to flood and not too dry. If the grass has not shown signs of growth after one week, try to put more pressure on the area planted with grass. For example, by giving the stamping or use it as a car park.


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Another idea, you can plan to make a green pergola. The word comes from the Italian pergola, pergere, which means to walk or move on. Often manifested in the architecture of Europe as a long hall, but translucent. As time passed pergola become synonymous with ornamental bertanaman awning. By creating a pergola plant, you can make the land beneath it as a porch or garage, so you do not have to worry about your land out only by the park. Green Pergola can you build with the help of artisans. Well, now you can enjoy the space of ‘green’ at your home — small garden ideas.