Small Garden Design Ideas

Small garden design ideas into the most obvious choice if you have a small field and short time for gardening. Small garden not only be a final solution to have a garden, small garden design can be development into a trend that is quite attractive. With a little creative touches and ideas, you will be surprised with the look of your small garden. Read carefully this following article to find small garden design ideas that you can apply to your garden.small junk garden design ideas

When a limitations hinder your desire, it would appearing the creative ideas that would make the limitations as a trigger factor for the emergence of this new thing. As well as in a garden, the limitations of space, time and money is not a reason to make your dream garden. Here are a few small garden design ideas that might inspire you.

Small modern garden with pebbles
You can choose Pebbles with bright colors for easily blending with the surrounding colors. Pure white, beige or gray is good options. Combine with green plants and stone pathway to the tropical atmosphere for your garden.

Small decked garden
You can turn your deck into a comfortable place to relax while enjoying a cup of tea. You can add an alfresco dining table, which comes complete with shaded seating and barbecue space. In order to feel the atmosphere of the garden, you can hang some flower or potted plants.

Small junk garden
You can use your salvage as a small garden design ideas. With a little creative touch, your junk will be an ideal garden. Especially for this garden, you should give more color because the color of the salvages fading.

Small front garden
More place to make your small garden, you may transform “welcome home doors” with beautiful climbing roses and mini gate for more green looking. A friendly welcome for your guests.

Plant covered garden wall
Planting vines on your wall and your small garden will be done. You just take care and adding accessories or outdoor furniture like chairs and tables.