Small bedroom decoration tips

Decorating a small bedroom is not as easy as people think. It gives you a chance to be creative as the space is limited. Be innovative in your choice of furniture and accessories and design ingenious solutions for storage and other functions to create an amazingly stylish and functional small bedroom. Floating shelves are a small space essential that can be used to create side tables and a headboard in your small bedroom.

small bedroom ideas

Stagger the shelves for visual interest and install them over your bed to serve as a space-saving headboard. It’s an excellent spot for displaying photos and travel memorabilia or to hold your books for easy access while reading in bed. To create side tables, opt for wider shelves and have them fitted on both sides of your bed. Use sconces over the side tables with adjustable arms to maximize the side table space. Using sconces is a great trick for decorating small rooms as they don’t utilize floor space. When directed upward they function as accent lighting while facing downward they are excellent task lights.

Small bedroom


functional small bedroom

An important design tip to remember while decorating a small bedroom is to introduce see-through elements like glass and sheer fabrics. A glass-topped desk can function as your workstation or your vanity.  Mixing these see-through materials with solid furniture and accessories makes your room feel lighter and spacious.

small room design

Decorating a small bedroom does not necessarily mean using small-scaled furniture and accessories. The trick is to use well-proportioned furnishings that balance each other to create harmonious bedroom decor. Choose large accessories such as large lamps, tall vases and big artwork for your small bedroom. Large sized accessories give the appearance of greater space and add an extra dimension to the smallest spaces. Make the most of your vertical space when decorating your small bedroom. A shelf over the bedroom door can be an excellent display spot.