Small Bathroom Designs

Small Bathroom Designs

Small bathroom designs — In the bathroom we performed “as ourselves”, cleaning the body in an invigorating atmosphere pikiran.Itu body and cause people who can not even sing merrily as she scrubbed her body sang or whistled as he pleases. It’s fun, although the bathroom was small and cramped, but if it is exactly the design of the bathroom still be fun!


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For those of you who have a small house, the arrangement of space can sometimes be frustrating, because only little space is used, so it looks crowded and untidy, including the bathroom. Though the narrow bathroom will not allow you to install the bathtub or sink such furniture is great, what else is stockpiling such as bath soap, shampoo, and other, as if it does not have a place to store it.


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Avoid excessive decoration for small bathroom designs. In addition to bathroom accessories, try to avoid putting other decorations on the cramped bathroom. Because, a tiny bathroom decor will impress too many narrow places and crowded look. Make sure you install the storage boxes such as bath soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and the other in one place. If your bathroom is a bathroom to dry, you can install a small closet for storage purposes bath stock. However, if your bathroom is not possible to store it, place the box on the wall above the bathroom is not far from the ceiling. Try installing a mirror on the bathroom wall so clean-clean activity and more perfect. Do not forget about adequate lighting for your bathroom. Lights and mirrors are a good combination, because mirrors can reflect light so that the bathroom looks freely.


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Modern technology has enabled the birth of the various alternative materials for the bathroom. Advances in technology and interior design trends, build homes and home design options member involved various forms and styles. Sanitair made with a variety of design and optimal strength. Similarly, the wall coverings and floor, with a choice of shapes, colors and prices. Maintain cleanliness of the bathroom is an absolute must that you have to do. In addition to clean from germs and bacteria, can clean the bathroom shower room more leluasnya impressive. Remember also to buy perfume and fragrances in order to keep fresh — small bathroom designs.