Small Apartment Kitchen Design

Small Apartment Kitchen Design

Living in apartment is not choices for everyone especially small apartment with several rooms only. Although small with a lot of limitations, the price of apartments is very high and continues to rise each year. Two bedrooms, one living-family room , one bathroom and a kitchen. That’s the condition of the apartment in general. Is it possible to have an ideal kitchen in small apartment?small apartment kitchen design ideas

Apartment is generally composed of three types.  Type of apartment with 1 bed (studios), the type with 2 beds and the type of apartment with 3 beds. That’s to small for us who need more space. Limitations of space required to manage the very practical lifestyle. Furniture is set to a minimum but for full functionality.

If the kitchen on a landed house could be placed on ‘back’ of home and have a private room, then in the apartment, the kitchen can be placed in area of ​​’front’ and exposed without any particular separator septum.

The first key to create a beautiful kitchen in a tiny apartment is selection of furniture and placement. Use furniture with a small size that can be placed at various angles. For storage containers, you can put cabinets and hanging racks on the other side of the kitchen wall, above the dining table area attached to the wall. Open shelf can be used to accommodate displays, dinner ware, or cooking utensils that are often used. So no need to bother to open the cabinet lid.

The concept of a apartment kitchen is clean. Small kitchen that is created becomes a separate point of interest in the unity of interior design in the apartment. Use lighting that is not too bright because most of the kitchen in small apartment only a restricted bulkhead so it will get the lighting of the room around it.

Some examples of the kitchen design in small apartment can you find on following gallery: