Small apartment 25 m2 with simple and well optimized interior

In the choice of an apartment are involved a few  important criteria, one of which is its size. This feature is maybe one of the most important, but are we willing to make a compromise with it? Most of the people won’t even think of buying an apartment with sizes smaller than 30 m2 but this kind of places way more common and in future their number will increase. The reasons for this are obvious – densely populated cities, which offers smaller place for living. It is true that one small apartment is not always the best place for living, but why one apartment like this not be comfortable and cozy? All depends from the interior…


Small-simple-apartment-2Today we will check one small apartment, that is perfect example for everything said above, filled different and very attractive modern interior design and interior designs for homes. In this case are used a few strategies, as to achieve comfort and coziness, despite the scarce 25 m2 which we have. At first place is the simple and casual decor. After that comes the fact, that even every small item has its own place and meaning why is placed there.

Small-simple-apartment-3The colors are from exclusive importance and in this case contributes for more comfortable and pleasant feeling of small space. It is enshrined in neutral colors, like white, grey and black the typical house painting,. The walls are white and creates the illusion for bigger space. Despite of that every room has different color accents, that creates one more fresher and moving atmosphere, that charges you with energy and gives you the ability to think clear and do the home work like it is suposed to be.