Sliding doors for our homes

Sliding doors are the ones which open horizontally by sliding to one side, whereby the door is either mounted on or suspended from a track. The mechanism used to operate sliding doors is called the sliding door gear. There are two standard types, top hung or bottom rolling systems. Sliding doors not only keep things streamlined, but are also perfect for small spaces. Sliding doors are made of many materials, but mostly wood, plastic and glass.




The ‘top hung’ sliding door system is most often used. The door is hung by two trolley hangers at the top of the door running in a concealed track, with all the weight being taken by the hangers, making the door easy to move. This type of sliding doors can not only be used for our room door, but also for wardrobe doors. The mechanism is safe and the bottom of the door is held in place on tracks. We also have the bottom rolling sliding doors.  It consists of two rollers at the bottom of the door running on a track and two guides at the top. You can paint the sliding doors to suit the color of your rooms.


If you have a glass sliding door, that you can neither paint nor hang a picture on, there are a lot of wallpapers with different designs you can use to decorate the door. You can also decorate it, in order to add privacy to the sliding doors. Sliding doors can also be used for shower enclosure doors and screen doors. If you have a glass sink and a huge mirror in your bathroom, you might prefer to have a glass sliding door for your shower, so everything in the room looks matched. Patio sliding doors should also be considered for your interior. They look much nicer than the normal ones.