Sink Design Pattern

Sink Design Pattern

More than just a curved container for hand washing, sanitary sink is a component in the bathroom which also has a function as an accessory. Such as a display, the sink can be located in the upper area of the table or attached to the wall. The sink is usually strung with mirror and storage. There’s a lot of sink design pattern that you can considered.


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Most sink design patterns are made of ceramic, although there is some use of other materials, like glass, stone, wood, or metal. The sink faucets are usually sold separately. Finding a suitable valve is a continuation of the fun hunt for a bathroom sink. The sink is not always installed in the bathroom. He can make his own area at the dinner table, as a place to wash hands. Sink current form is very diverse. In fact, conventional forms are still widely used, just adapted to the theme of the bathroom. Classical-style sink, for example, can look luxurious or Vintage. Add Gold colored faucet, the sink will look luxurious Classic.


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For modern watafel, modern design in the sink is usually shown with a white or transparent glass area. Simple shape with a line or arc dynamic. Common theme tailored to the toilet sink and bathtub. Seem strange if the sink with a bathtub-style Classic Modern bersandingan legged. Corresponding to the sink design patterns faucet modern style not far from the colors White, Black, Chrome, the most. Racks and storage cabinets can be placed under the sink. There is also attached to the wall together with the mirror.