Shower enclosure base

shower basesA lot of things have to be taken into consideration while choosing a shower enclosure base or a shower cabin base. The first and foremost thing is to decide whether you are going for a major enclosure or for a small one. Once you decide that, you will have a clear mind on how big the shower base is going to be. This is a key factor in choosing an enclosure base. While choosing the shower enclosure base, decide whether you want to spend less and look for one that will fit into the shower cabin or if you want a more luxurious and elegant look for your bathroom and are ready to spend more.

Although the shower enclosure base offers a simple look to your bathroom, you have a variety of colors and designs to make the shower enclosure stand out or blend in with the overall theme of your bathroom. Make sure the shower enclosure base is made of materials which are easy to clean and maintain. The complex areas can make it difficult to remove dirt and moisture, which can go on accumulating over the years. The base should have the potential to withstand heat, moisture and humidity for a considerable amount of time.  Riser shower bases have small legs on the bottom that allow you to lift it slightly off the ground or you can put a platform underneath.

shower enclosure base

There are six different standard shapes for a shower enclosure base, including rectangle, square, pentagon, offset pentagon, quadrant and offset quadrant. Standard shower enclosure bases have a very slight rim going around the shower. This allows easy access. Look for a shower enclosure base that features anti-slip technology. This technology can be built into any type of shower enclosure base, and it is essential for safety, especially if small children or elderly people will be using the shower constantly.