Sea theme in the interior design

Our insatiable flair for the sea and the long, sandy beaches have inspired us to write the below post, by giving you our ideas for some interior design projects that are based on the sea theme. The leading principles would be the use of neutral, mild colors (mainly white, yellow and blue nuances), natural materials such as bamboo and plenty of decoration items that resemble different members of the sea world.

sea themed interior


Let us take a closer look at our suggestion for a living room with a sea theme. The huge windows provide plenty of light in, which is important as the sea is naturally related to the feeling of calmness and serenity. The used colors are very neutral, while the little colorful nuances are achieved by small decoration items that resemble shells. White and light blue shades form the interior, while the atmosphere is explicitly conveyed by the decoration items.


sea-themed interior



Another suggestion for a sea-themed living room can be seen here. Again, the white and light blue nuances are dominant in the interior. This time, however, we have added a few contrasting spots by introducing rattan furniture pieces. The turquoise pillows and the blue vase form separate focus points, while the abundant sea-related decoration items provide for a unique design experience. The few touches of gold shades relate to the idea of long, sunny beaches along the coastline.


sea-themed interior


The last suggestion that we would like to give you would be for your bedroom. This time we have added another dominant color – champagne for the sea theme. A spectacular focus point is created by putting the two paddles on the wall behind the bed. The unique bedside lamp virtually has sand and shells inside, while the symmetrical pictures on the wall convey the ultimate sea-like atmosphere. White and light green nuances add the finishing touches in this unique bedroom.