Roof Garden Design Photos

Roof Garden Design Photos

Roof garden design photos – Garden, an accessory that must be have in every home. Its presence makes the atmosphere of the green, cool and looks beautiful. But the limitations of land often makes us lose a place to designing home gardens. Behind the limitations that arise from the idea to create a garden on the roof. The roof garden becomes a trend, especially in urban areas. You can make a flower or vegetable garden style. With a little creativity in combining materials and plants, you can get the ideal garden without spend more land and money.kensington roof garden design photos

Just like the home gardens, roof garden was adopted to get more “green light” in your upstairs, but it is also used as decoration for that lounge which will increase the awesome terrace. This design can also be appropriate for incorporation using the yard and rear of the house, to some pool appears to become more beautiful with roof garden decor and design.

Let’s see some roof garden photos bellow and I hope to inspire you to build your own roof garden.