Rock Garden Design Ideas

Rock Garden Design Ideas

Rock garden design ideas –¬†We know the garden is a group of plants that are in one area. Various types of plants selected that has an impression of a cool, shady, and comfortable, and will provide the house various scenery depending the plants on the garden design. Then, what about the rock garden?

Rock garden is a unique type of garden. So, in application are more used hard material elements compared to soft materials. In a sense, the material is used more rocks and sands rather than plants or flower.japanese rock garden design

Rock garden has growing media which is different from the usual type of garden applied. Rock garden composition using hard media, such as sand, coral stones, and gravel. Rock garden is built inside the house, next to the bathroom. Even so, someone are putting it on the front page or back home.

The composition of coral stone and sand in this type of garden reach 60-70 percent, while the rest is the application of the plant. Rock types that you can use, such as coral stone, granite, or large rocks. As for the size can be adjusted with the initial concepts.

For the plants most commonly used are plants that are heat-resistant and does not require special care. E.g. cacti, soka, or other types of dried plants. To give a touch of fresh in your beautiful garden, it doesn’t hurt if you applied the flowering plants. When it is not possible, You may choose a beautiful plant leaves and thick characters, or select a shape is beautiful.