Refrigerator – How to choose the best one for your home

The refrigerator is arguably the most used household appliance.  Refrigeration is an essential food storage technique. Two main types of refrigerators are used for food storage at home. The first one is the typical traditional refrigerator which when opened has the freezer on the uppermost shelf which is usually closed in order to maintain the freezing temperature. Depending on the size, it has averagely three or four more shelves for food items that do not require being frozen, so as to be preserved. On the inner side of the fridge, there is a compartment for storing liquid drinks.





The second type is the side-by-side refrigerator. Here, the refrigerator has two doors. One is for the main fridge where you store the regular food items and the other is for the frozen items.  It also has an ice maker which is important for the summer time, when we need to have a really cold drink. The side-by-side refrigerators are usually bigger than the typical ones; however there are always some exceptions.  This type of refrigerator is usually more expensive than the typical due to the extra functions it can perform.


But food preservation is only a part of the story in preservation; however, that big box in your kitchen increasingly can do other tricks, such as chill a can of soda in five minutes or suggest recipes via a touch screen on the door or your phone, or even send out an alert for repair help when it’s not feeling well.

When planning to buy a new refrigerator, you can keep in mind the amount of energy a particular fridge consumes. If you are looking to pay lower light bills, you should definitely go for the economy refrigerators.  Most refrigerators weigh between 200 and 450 pounds (91 to 200 kg).

The future of home refrigeration, however is the four-door style fridge with a french-door refrigerator section and a lower section divided into a freezer on the left and an area that can be converted between fridge and freezer space on the lower right side.