Red living room furniture

Red is the color of passion and bravery. No matter the color of your living room, do not be afraid to add furniture that is red in color. Red furniture pieces such as a red cushioned couch can easily become the focal point of the living room. Red furniture pieces look great when combined with white colors in the living room.

You can’t go wrong with a classic red sofa, especially when you pull in a touch of red with the window treatments and keep the wall nice and neutral. If you choose to go this bold, make sure your space can handle it. High ceilings, a muted wall color and lots of natural light help tone down the bold hue. When considering which shade of red to use for your furniture, look to your decorating style and your house’s architecture.

red furniture

Red furniture pieces are perfect for your winter living room. Although not normally considered an ideal coupling, in combination with green, red is a Christmas color — a joyful season. Light pink and yellow are harmonizing colors that can work well with your red furniture pieces in the living room if not too close in value such as dark red with a pale or golden yellow.

red living room

You may also opt to include a red carpet or rug in the living room. Your red furniture combined with a beautiful chandelier helps improve the illumination in the room. So red is perfect for both dark and bright living rooms. Whether it’s used to put a room on high alert with a bright shade of scarlet or to envelop visitors with a cozy, warm glow, red is a favorite color choice of designers looking to make a statement.

living room design

Red furniture pieces will give the impression of drama and passion. When thoughtfully used, red furniture can make your living room come alive.