Rectangular or round bathroom sinks to choose for small bathrooms?

If you want to buy a new bathroom sink, there are many things to consider like size, shape, materials, design and the way the sink will be mounted. If you have a small bathroom, it may seem like your choice becomes more limited, but this is not true. In this post we will discus what bathroom sinks to choose for small bathrooms.


Even the smallest bathroom can be use to express individuality and style. Your budget and the style you’re trying to create will determine your choice of bathroom sinks. You can choose traditional bathroom sinks, pedestal sinks, sleek glass bowls or warm wood. If you have already decided on the style of the bathroom sinks, which are best for your interior, then you need to consider the space you have available for the new sink.

glass sink

There are lots of choices in all sizes. It is clear that if you want a long marble counter with a porcelain sink, big enough to bathe in, but a very small bathroom, you’re in trouble. That’s why it’s important to determine how much space you have for a bathroom sink, before you go out choosing new bathroom sinks.

pedestal sink

Another thing to consider, when looking for bathroom sinks, is whether you need more storage space or more floor space. A cabinet with a sink mounted on top will offer you more storage space and give your bathroom a finished look. However, you your bathroom is really small, it may be more practical to consider some pedestal-style bathroom sinks. They will open up additional floor space and there are many different styles to choose from to match the interior of your bathroom.

pedestal sink cabinet

If you choose to install a pedestal sink, then its shape is important. For small bathrooms, it is better to choose a rectangular shape. Round or oval shapes tend to take up more space, which limits the options for having a clear walking path between the bathroom fixtures. Rectangular pedestal or wall-mounted bathroom sinks are a better choice for small bathrooms.

rectangular sink

Not that you have already decided on the size and shape of the bathroom sink, and the way it will be mounted, the choice of design and material is a matter of personal preferences and budget.