Railing design for your staircase

The staircase is not just a way or a path to get to a different floor; it is a vital part of the décor and design theme of your home. The staircase railing that never goes out of style is a solid wooden one. Wood lasts longer and is more elegant. Add to the elegance with matching wooden flooring and you just cannot go wrong with it. Never forget that the staircase railing has a primary purpose of offering security to climbers. So keep that in mind when designing or decorating the staircase.

wood staircase railings


Apart from the wooden railing, you can also opt for a metal railing instead. They are used in several modern buildings all over the world. Iron actually offers more decorative options than wood and can be equally safe and functional.

iron stair railing

The popularity of railings made from stainless steel is growing. It is also available in various designs and finishes and can be suitable for any home theme and interior design. Due to the anti rust feature of stainless steel, you don’t need to even paint the railing. You have definitely come across this kind of railings in homes or offices. The stainless steel railing can be combined with wood, glass or perforated sheet depending on your interior design requirements.

iron railings


stainless steel railing

Another option for your staircase railing is the wrought iron. Wrought iron railings are easy to maintain and come in various patterns. They can be designed to suit any home interior just like the stainless steel ones.

wrought iron staircase railings

So go ahead and add that captivating staircase railing to your home today. Choose the railing in accordance with the style of your staircase; whether it is straight or spiral shaped. You may also want to do an internet research and read more on the types of railings we offered to you today. Write down a comment and tell us if you have more bright ideas.