Purple for your interior design

Most people seem to have the impression that the color purple is for females or that it is a feminine color, but that is far from true. Purple was normally associated with royalty due to the high cost of producing the pigment, but in recent years, purple is being used to create a stylish and contemporary interior design for homes and offices. It really is a tricky color, but it can look amazing in the homes of those who know how to use and apply it.

purple design

The good thing with purple color is that you can use it for any room in your home. Most people use it in their bedrooms, but it can also be used for the bathroom and living room to create a lovely ambience. Talking about kitchens, even a common kitchen without any special equipment becomes fantastic with the addition of shiny purple tiles or appliances. You can combine purple with many colors such as black, silver, white, orange and even green to create a chic, modern, elegant, and exquisite look in a single place.

purple interior

Purple walls or purple furniture can become the masterpiece in completing the personality and character of your room or home, offering you the intimacy you need. People think of the color purple as an old color, but it’s being used on walls, cushions and artwork, to bring a new vibrancy in the interiors. For your living room, you may opt for a darker shade of purple for your walls combined with some other vibrant color. With courage you can paint a dark purple room for a strong impression. This expresses your strong and determined character.

purple design

If you had a bad feeling about using purple in your interior design, this article should help clear your mind about things. Use it to create a friendly, intimate and relaxing atmosphere in any room in your home.