Cozy winter home

The decreasing temperature outside and the shortening day make our homes even more attractive, as we start to spend the better part of the day at home. Therefore, we have come up with a few practical tips, which aim to help you turn the apartment into a cozy winter home. Our recommendations are based on three main factors:  proper furnishing, adequate light and comfortable room temperature.

Starting with the furniture bits, we need to admit that when it comes to the winter months, the minimalist style in the home décor loses its significance. Functionality should give way to comfort, so for all those who have a comfy rocking chair, do not hesitate to make it the center of your living room. Large, relaxing armchairs are widely preferred, so that you can indulge into an atmosphere of relaxation, once the tedious day at the office is over. Gather the furniture bits around your favorite spot, such as the fire-place or the window.

Tips for a cozy winter home    Cozy winter home

In terms of lighting, keep in mind that the best approach is to use mild, subdued light. The fluorescent and halogen lamps, which are mainly used to underline the presence of a unique decoration item, should be replaced by chandeliers and stylish floor lamps. It would be ideal if you can control the light intensity as well. The subdued light conveys a feeling of calmness and relaxation, which is the one of the most important factors in having a cozy winter home.

As for the room temperature, quite a few researches have been carried out, so that the ideal room temperature during the winter months can be measured. The specialists recommend air temperature between 19 and 23 degrees. You can, of course, create a warm feeling in your cozy winter home by using plenty of soft materials, such as carpets and knitted rugs. A good idea would be to cover the armchairs and the sofa with handmade covers, which will help preserve the temperature.

To keep it short, comfortable furniture, mild lighting and appropriate temperature are the key factors that can transform any apartment into a cozy winter home!