Pool lighting – Choose ideal lights

If you are thinking about adding lighting to your swimming pool, the first thing you need to do is decide what lights to include. After coming up with the design for your pool lighting, the next thing is to select proper designs from a wide range of options which are out on the market.

With the wide range of pool lighting fixtures to choose from, you can get what you would like to highlight, and how to do that for the greatest impact. LED lighting which stands for light emitting diodes uses small semiconductor devices that convert electrical energy into discrete lights that can emit color. LED lights add color and mood to the pool. They can be installed underwater, or on the walls of the pool just above the water level. LED provides energy efficient lighting. You may even opt for one that changes its color after a certain amount of time.

Pool lights


pool lighting

Halogen and incandescent lights help bring brilliance into all corners of a pool or spa. Halogen is often the lighting of choice by responsible homeowners because no harmful gases are emitted into the atmosphere. Going green does not have to mean giving up good illumination. Halogen lights are usually installed on the sides of the pool. You might see some underwater too, but the LED lighting is preferred for that.

swimming pool lighting

Fiber optic lights use cables to transmit light so that the energy source is far away from the pool and since only one source of light is needed that means energy savings as well as greater safety. Touching a Fiber optic is no problem since there is no heat generated at the bulb. Not only is there no longer any danger of burns from the bulb, you will also be able to enjoy the color changing effects as well.

LED pool lights

Some lighting options encompass the entire pool area, which is great when you have a lot of people wandering around. We have given you a clear mind on the types of swimming pool lights, so it is now up to you to choose the lighting of your choice and use if to improve the illumination and mood of you pool.