German Bathroom Design

German Bathroom Design German bathroom design, one of popular bathroom designs in Europe. The luxury and elegance looking of German bathroom design can you finds a place in many modern homes. Take a look at my photo collections bellow that showcasing full modern bathrooms style. Usually, German bathroom are known for their use of natural […]

Multifunctional Kitchen Table by Fevzi Karaman

Multifunctional Kitchen Table by Fevzi Karaman This kitchen furniture design by very Fevzi Karaman impressed with this minimalist style (and slightly futuristic), especially with functions that can be used as a place to eat and to wash the dishes. Equipped with a small refrigerator on the bottom is very helpful when you want to keep […]

Small Apartment Kitchen Design

Small Apartment Kitchen Design Living in apartment is not choices for everyone especially small apartment with several rooms only. Although small with a lot of limitations, the price of apartments is very high and continues to rise each year. Two bedrooms, one living-family room , one bathroom and a kitchen. That’s the condition of the […]

Small Kitchen Design Tips

Small Kitchen Design Tips Small kitchen design tips. Designing a home kitchen is an importance job in designing a house especially in choosing small, medium or large kitchen size. Among the various types of kitchen design, decorating a small kitchen could be difficult because the functions of a kitchen should be able to accommodate all […]

Kosher Kitchen Design Ideas

Kosher Kitchen Design Ideas Kosher Kitchen first designed to conform with Jewish religious customs. A home kitchen designed in terms of layout, color decoration and furniture set to resemble a Jewish kitchen-style. Cleanliness is something that the main concern in designing Kosher kitchens, and therefore preferred color selection on a memorable bright colors and clean […]