Eco Friendly Beach House

Eco Friendly Beach House – Lots of ideas and creativity to build Eco friendly house. Your home will be more comfortable when the idea of ​​building the green and beautiful house combined with home technology concepts. It is suitable as a place to relax, have fun learning while also protecting the environment. As the […]

Muted House by Aboday Architects

Muted House by Aboday Architects – Aboday Architects built a modern house with minimalist concept which is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The house are built on 300m2 areas has a unique design that is named “Muted House“. True to its name “Muted House“, there is another home contained in it with a smaller size. […]

Modern Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Design – Today interior design trends for kitchen is a blend of minimalist kitchens and modern kitchens in combining the two concepts together and born new harmony scenery that many people like because it seemed clean and hitech. Modern kitchen design is also adapting human lifestyles of this age who want very […]

Girls Bedroom Furniture

Girls Bedroom Furniture Designing girls bedroom does require a special flair. Aspects that you should carefully is to create a bedroom design where your girls able to make them feel happy and feel enjoy when running the activities in it. Therefore, girls bedrooms are not normally used as a place to rest. Your girls usually […]

Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist Interior Design Today,  house with minimalist interior design concept is quite popular. But for many layman are still less familiar with the term of minimalist interior design concept. The essence of minimalist home interior design is home owner can enjoy the actual size of small houses or simply become even more spacious, quiet, relaxed […]

Interior Design Tips, Guide and Tricks

Interior Design Tips, Guide and Tricks – Interior Design is not an easy task, especially for you who know little things about the interior and design. Then you try to find ideas on the internet about the most suitable design for your home. But what happened? Maybe you will be confused because so many design […]