Oriental Bathroom Ideas

Oriental Bathroom Ideas

Oriental bathroom ideas — During this oriental style found in many spaces, such as living room, bedroom, or dining room. What about bathrooms? Can of course also designed an oriental style. You can play around with this decorating style in many ways. One of them by decorating the inside of your bathroom. Like an oriental-style room, you can use a lot of wood material as the main ingredient. One of the furniture that can be used and is thick with the feel of oriental wooden table, which you can make the vanity.


oriental bathroom design ideas



oriental bathroom design


Placement of pot plants, equipped with biased sunlight from windows and doors can also be an idea for an oriental bathroom ideas. The style suggests a natural on your bathroom. You can also design your bathroom with open shower models, but make sure the shower and toilet area should be closed.


oriental bathroom decorating ideas


Using wood for wet areas such as shower and toilet area, for most people would bother. Unless, of the wood used is a composite that contains wood fiber, so it is resistant to splashes and even puddles. But this one kind of wood is still relatively expensive. For those of you who still want to apply the timber to the bathroom, why not try to replace wood with wood patterned tiles. Today many manufacturers that make quality ceramic timber as one of the variant motif ceramics. Distance was no less “natural” than real wood. Maintenance is easier, the price did not make your pocket collapsed.


oriental bathroom decor



oriental bathroom ideas


The selection of oriental bathroom design must be considered with care. Do not just because they want to have your bathroom design is made ​​from. You need to look at budget and its treatment. If you do not have a budget large enough, the selection of wood as the primary material can be replaced by a ceramic timber with a motif. And for maintenance, you must often dry out your bathroom area so as not to damp and moldy — oriental bathroom ideas.