Optimize your closet space

Extra storage is always a plus and learning to maximize your closet space is essential. Transform your utility, walk-in and mud room closet into an ideal storage area. Adding storage can be expensive, so unless you’re ready to spend some money, be ready to revamp your existing closet. Before you decide how much storage space you need, decide what you can throw away or sell. If you’re planning on moving, there’s no need to pack unnecessary stuff with you.

If you don’t have enough storage room for all your clothes in your bedroom wardrobes, you can use other empty closets in the house to store clothes you do not need at the moment. An old, dirty storage room can easily be transformed into a clothes closet or a laundry room. In the picture provided, you can see a room transformed into a closet for clothes. It also has a washing machine and a dryer. The clothes are arranged into a wardrobe with several shelves in it for shoes, bags, jeans, etc. A space for hanging jackets and dress shirts is also present.

The closet is optimized and used both for storage and as a laundry room as well. Sure the size of this closet is huge, but it’s the special features that make it efficient:

*Convenience: Connects the bedroom and laundry room.

*Quality: Over-sized.

*Lighting: Colors render beautifully with daylight bulbs.

When it comes to keeping closet clutter away, out of sight means out of mind. So go for a closet system that allows you to see everything that is stored. Keep your most used items in an easily accessible space. Extra storage space helps attract home buyers–and lets you stay organized while the home is still yours. Increase space for short items by installing double-decker rods in a portion of each closet.