Open Living Room Design

Open Living Room Design

Open living room design — The living room is one of the most important parts of a house. Serves as a means of meeting with friends, relatives, neighbors or business associates. Every person has a character and a different lifestyle. For the selection of styles and faces the house should be adapted to the character of the house. To give a different impression in the living room as well as to better blend with the natural area, open living space model can be a solution for you. With unimpeded walls and interior doors, living room this model really feels open like in the wild. With the presence of an open concept living in your dream house, of course, very rich in the living room light rays of the sun is cool because the air is free flowing and natural impression arises from the look of open living space that seems unfinished.


open living room design



open living room design ideas


Interior layout of the open living room design, made simple and customizable. Provide a set of furniture that will fit the theme of the room you create. Can be classical or modern furniture. Then select the appropriate accessories. For example, rugs, artwork, family photos, jars, or pots of flowers and so forth. So with that, open concept living room will look beautiful and memorable experience and keep warm. So when you and your family sit in the living room was like in the patio or yard. The living room is open not only to the concept of a living room that seems like a terrace. Open living room also means you put two different spaces in one room. For example, a living room with dining area. The absence of insulation also makes an impression which appears is a fun relaxed impression.


open living room dining room


In addition, the model of an open living room to attract the attention of the guests who came, allowing their home to visit your dream house. Your living room is open, giving the impression of familial and airy. Do not hesitate to receive guests, because guests are a source of blessing — open living room design.