Open Air Bathroom

Open Air Bathroom

Open air bathroom can make the choice as an alternative design of your bathroom. You can create a bathroom that is open or partially open to the tropical garden arrangement in it. Fresh and comfortable atmosphere can support your relaxation activity. The advantage of open water is an atmosphere of bathroom shower is caused when the shower seemed in nature, and certainly feel more refreshed. Bathroom with open air bathroom concept allows a very free circulation of air flowing into the bathroom area. Freshness when we shower will deliver us from the stress of daily routine. It also can provide balance to the body and mind.


open air bathroom design ideas



open air bathroom design



open air bathroom


In the bathroom with open air bathroom concept of natural ambience were really felt, if the day of direct sunlight into the bathroom area, if the moonlight night and the night air makes the bathroom feel cold and far from being stuffy. Area outside and inside buildings such as fused without any restriction, because the bathroom with open concept bathroom mostly made of water without a roof. Some private villa residence or use the bathroom with open air bathroom concepts to enhance the impression of exotic and homey buildings. You can aplly this design in your house, so you can get a different atmosphere in your room interior.


open air bath tub



open air bathroom ideas



If the bathroom is the most fitting place for you to relax and unwind, then you have to imagine it as the most comfortable place in your home. Imagine if you’re unwind and relax by listening to the sound of gurgling water and the fresh breeze that seeps into your bathroom. You can conceptualize your dream bathroom by utilizing the natural atmosphere with a warm tropical arrangement of natural materials of wood or natural stone. Open air bathroom can make the atmosphere of your bathroom more enjoyable.