Office space design

Office space design

Office space design requires a balance between several things. It needs decorating ideas, your personality, or the condition of the atmosphere in the workplace, the need for storage space, and the terms of efficient utilization of space and compact.


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Remove all items from your office and put the room other for a while. What kind of interior room that you want to see the future, think about the color, layout and furniture in the room. Make a list of things, colors, items, etc. needs your leadership, your needs and your colleagues. Keep in mind that the results of office space design will reflect your company image will be. Arrange all the stationery. Pens are usually small and numerous, it has the potential to create chaos right on your desk. Stationery should you trim, and put in place a visible and accessible so you do not rush to look for when going to use it. Use a glass vase, transparent storage box or container of small size, you can set the type of stationary shelves on each small box container.


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small office space design ideas


Determine the storage space. Does your office have enough storage space to accommodate goods, files, stationery, etc. If this is the room or place where goods are not there or less, then you need a multifunctional closet or cabinet. Rack or cabinet should not take place, you can order a cabinet or rack that integrates with the work table. Design of multifunctional table and cabinet must be able to accommodate all your work needs, files, books, notes, pens and other stationery. Only need to be adjusted the color of the furniture. Adjust the dominant color in the room was so impressed match. Avoid the use of goods or oversized furniture because it will make the room feel small and cramped. Consider this office space design ideas because it will make your office space to be significantly wider.