Office Decorating Ideas

Office Decorating Ideas

Office decorating ideas by adhering to the guidelines and procedures that have been prepared in the interior design and decoration work, your office space can be utilized effectively. The results are also satisfactory and the decor reflects your personality. Of course your company’s image will also increase so much better. Select and use a paint color that can be integrated and cohesive with the floor. Consider using a neutral color as the main color. Neutral colors will give a broad impression of the office, remember that your office is an area with a narrow space, so you should use bright colors so widespread impression can be obtained. After choosing the main color, then you can use a bright color as an accent. Bright colors as accents will provide attraction, so the room does not seem plain and monotonous.



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Office decorating ideas by using a decorative wall. Decorative wall art is something you should consider. You can choose a decorative wall that suits your taste and culture. Decorative wall art is the work that is actually simple but tasteful. Choose a decorative wall bar, adjust the size of your office. If there is a window in the office, you can put a glass or mirror opposite direction to the window. This is to give the impression of widespread because of the illusion of two windows and more light. Add pencahaan at strategic points. Use a fairly high floor lamp, ceiling fixtures or hanging lamps to give a dramatic impression but the office must be kept to relief. In many rooms and offices, we often see lamput spotlight or downlight. If possible add tasks right on your desk lamp, task lamp is very effective and does not take much space on your desk or work area.


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Using a window treatment. If you use a curtain or something, try not to cover the windows. The use of curtains of cloth or fabric usually make the window area look crowded and cluttered. Use vertical or horizontal blinds, as well as a decorative element also controls the amount of source light from outdoors through a window. When opened in part, full or even close match with the condition of your office. So you can read this article to get inspiration for office decorating ideas.