Niche Design Ideas

Niche Design Ideas

To produce a beautiful wall is necessary imagination and creativity. Many ways you can do to treat the wall. Among others, by playing the field, mixing colors, textures and patterns in the alcove of a room. Overdraft or protrusions on the wall requires additional touch of art. For example, a display knick-knacks and lighting. This issue of the touch of beauty. And you can play with niche design ideas.


wall niche design



niche design ideas



niche design


Some things to consider to get a pretty niche. One of them is the lighting on the niche. To display a different niche, the role of lighting is required. With good lighting, natural or artificial light, the beauty of the niche will perform optimally. If no special cabinet to put the ornaments, books, flower pots or other accessories, the solution makes niche with a specific thickness. Its function as a place of display, put knick-knacks, or in a bookcase. In the bathroom, a niche can also be created as a place to store clean towels and toiletries. It many ways to create with niche design ideas. Create a niche does not have to be very stiff. You can play with beautiful simply by taking a small corner of the wall of the house. You can be creative by putting a small sofa in a wall niche that could be your personal space. With a touch of appropriate lighting, this section will definitely be your favorite part of the home.


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wall niche design ideas


As a decoration, a niche can be made on a blank wall. Niche with this style can give a different feel. Put the paintings in the niches will be more prominent than put it on a flat wall. The painting will be more obvious character. Different wallpaper can also sweeten a niche to a different corner of the room. Playing with interior decorating and home always requires creativity. Do not inhibit your creativity just because of a lack of courage. Hopefully this niche design ideas article can be an inspiration for you.