New Outdoor Portable Fireplace Design by EcoSmart Fire

New Outdoor Portable Fireplace Design by EcoSmart Fire

Beautiful and elegance outdoor fireplace design are ready to warm your home. Latest design by EcoSmart Fire provides beautiful portable fireplace for intimate gardens, alfresco dining settings, bars, restaurants or personal use. Constructed with high quality material to gives you more safety when you are relaxing or enjoying the snow in winter.outdoor <em>portable fireplace</em> by ecosmart fire

Using cylindrical cover and the one using the cube-shaped lid with a slit at each corner and 462mm in high called The Mini T. Constructed from brushed stainless steel and features a stainless steel burner insert and toughened glass surround, which not only enhances the drama of the fire, but also ensures safety. Not only that, EcoSmart Fire also provide you other portable fireplace. The Cyl is constructed from weather-resistant materials, is fully portable and designed to make a dramatic statement in any outdoor setting.

The round stainless steel base encases a 3 litre stainless steel burner, and the toughened glass surround that embrace the flame is elevated above the base by three stainless steel feet, allowing the flame to lift and burn a brilliant light.

All kind of fireplace uses of renewable bioethanol fuel, a renewable energy source, these alfresco fireplaces are clean burning and deliver heat with no odour, no smoke, no spitting, no ash and no embers. Safety and luxury design for you.