Muted House by Aboday Architects

Muted House by Aboday Architects – Aboday Architects built a modern house with minimalist concept which is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The house are built on 300m2 areas has a unique design that is named “Muted House“. True to its name “Muted House“, there is another home contained in it with a smaller size. When viewed from the outside can be seen only two parts of the ground floor and first floor. But when you get into, you’ll see a mini house design that provide more area for you who have several family members.
Muted House Photos
Title: Muted House
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Architecture: Aboday Architects
Design and construction: 2007-2008
Lot size: 260 m2
Total area: 300 m2
Photo: Happy Lim

Muted House decorated with miniature gardens made ​​by cutting a little terrace and turn it into a small garden complete with a mini pool and play area for children. A staircase connecting the main house with a small house built on the second floor, it aims to make easier when you want to a big part or vice versa without having to go down to the ground floor. And presents Muted House by Aboday Architects photos bellow:
Muted House Pool and Garden