Monochromatic Bedroom

Monochromatic Bedroom

Monochromatic bedroom will be romantic part of your room. Reach for the space-atmosphere by playing romantic monochrome colors are soft on the eyes. The bedroom is one room that privacy is very high values​​. Individual tastes are pampered in this space. No wonder, to make it fit our character is relatively difficult. There is a common way to get the atmosphere of the room in accordance with the wishes and our character. One way is by playing the monochrome colors, and textures that make the game appear more full color by reflected light is reduced. Monochrome color, it means playing one color and the color of the derivatives of the darkest to the lightest.


monochromatic room



monochromatic bedroom


As in this room picture, there are two composition elements that play a monochrome color space. The first composition is a room divider, wall, floor, and windows. This element plays a gray-brown color. Color is graded on the oldest existing curtains that old brownish gray and brownish gray walls of the younger, the youngest to the white color on the floor and the ceiling. Or if you prefer a warm brown color, you can play with shades of brown. Ranging from dark brown to beige or white. Monochromatic bedroom can be applied in right combination in your bedroom. You must be carefull to put right element to make harmonization in your bedroom.


monochromatic bedroom color scheme



monochromatic bedroom ideas


Composition of the second color on the mattress, taking advantage of the bluish gray color of his bedcover. Bluish gray color combined with white on the bolsters, pillows, and the inside covers. Monochrome color give color characters are static, and soothing. Suitable for rooms used for contemplation, or to get peace. Tranquility is an important element for the individual workers who need a balance. Balance was an important part of modern design especially for monochromatic bedroom.