Modern windows design ideas

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your current one, the choice of windows is very important. The design of your windows will influence significantly the general look of your home. Windows also determine how energy-efficient your home will be.

Casement windows are the most energy-efficient windows. They open from a hinge either at the top or at one side of the windows, with a crank that you turn. The sash fits tightly against the weather seal, when closed, and they let very little air through. Actually, if wind blows against the glass of casement windows, it pushes it against the sash, which seals the windows even tighter. This type of windows usually looks best with contemporary home designs.

casement windows

Another type of window you can choose for your modern home is double hung windows. This is a more traditional style, but there modern designs, made from new, energy-efficient materials, which provide good insulation. Double hung windows consist of an upper pane and a lower pane. To open these windows, you slide the lower pane upwards. The weather seal, used in double hung windows, becomes damaged over time and lets in more air than an undamaged seal. Double hung windows are really convenient for cleaning, because they can be tilted inward.

double hung windows

Sliding windows are another option for your modern home. They are basically double hung windows, which slide from left to right, instead of up and own. They look really good and are a great choice for a modern home, if you’re looking for attractive appearance. However, the weather seal of sliding windows becomes damaged, just like in the double hung windows, which makes them just as inefficient, when it comes to energy efficiency.

sliding windows

When you’re choosing new windows for your contemporary home, keep in mind that well-insulated windows are only as good as their insulation. That’s why you should always have your windows installed by a professional. Make sure all of the seams are caulked and sealed well.