Modern Vintage Dining Room

Modern Vintage Dining Room

Two things are contradictory does not mean there could be in line. When combined, they were able to show an interesting arrangement. Past and present, two things which seemed to be united. As with the two styles, antique and modern. Apparently this assumption is not entirely true. In the interior, for example, both styles can provide attractive appearance, when combined.


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You can explore with your dining room with this style. Modern vintage dining room. Blend of antique and modern, or often called eclectic, making it looks more attractive. At first glance, it may go unnoticed. But you can put together a dining table and chair set. So that they seemed to come from a different era. You can use the dining table made of wood, antique-style table legs are loaded with curved ornaments. Then combine with modern design and sleek chair. Maybe you can select the seats are made of fiber. Choose colors that match the table, in order to create continuity between these two different styles.


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“Sustainability” is the buzzword for combining the two styles are different, even contradictory ones. Sustainability can be performed from the motif or color. Thus, differences in style can be bridged, so it appears not to “crash”. Mix and match different arrangement styles, giving a unique feel to the room. The arrangement of the room as well as to avoid boredom. Tend to be eclectic style is timeless. Because, as Modern vintage dining room style does not need to follow the trend.