Modern underground houses

If you’re planning to build a home, but want to minimize the negative impact on the environment, underground houses are a great alternative to the traditional buildings. The initial cost of a home like that is fairly low, because in underground building the natural materials, displaced by the construction, can be recycled as building materials. And if you use renewable energy sources, the cost of living in modern underground houses can be greatly reduced.

Living in modern underground houses has many advantages. They provide resistance to severe weather. Thanks to the natural insulating properties of the surrounding earth, you will have a nearly constant temperature inside your home. Another advantage of these homes is the quiet living space they provide. This is a great solution for people, who seek privacy and want to escape the noise in the cities. Plus, modern underground houses have unobtrusive presence in the surrounding landscape. You can enjoy the beauty of nature without destroying it by constructing buildings, parking lots and various other structures.


The biggest advantage of underground houses is their energy efficiency. Earth has excellent, natural insulating properties, and if you combine that with renewable energy sources, you will have a modern, energy efficient and environmentally friendly home. And all this comes without squandering resources and wasting energy. Today, architects have the knowledge and ability to build homes without destroying land.

There are many modern underground house built around the world. Their roofs are entirely covered by the local grasses and the bulk of these homes closely imitate the neighboring hills. From above ground, these houses remain invisible. The surrounding landscape is left undisturbed and unobstructed by any sort of architectural shapes. Modern underground houses are built according to the particular topography of the site, so that they can blend in the natural surroundings.

underground houses

Underground houses are protected from the elements. These homes, which are typically sunken, take advantage of the earth mass to maintain thermal comfort throughout the year. This means that your home will remain cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

If you imagine that you’ll be living in a dark and damp cave, you’re wrong. Modern underground houses are designed to let in lots of natural light. They usually feature large windows, which reveal great views. These homes feel just as comfortable as any home you can buy or build above ground. In most cases, underground houses are not entirely underground. Most of them are built on a hill, with one side exposed.

Of course, underground living has certain disadvantages. There’s a danger in potential flooding, which in some cases may require special pumping systems to be installed. The positioning and orientation of the property need to be carefully considered. A hillside can minimize the impact of nearby moorland, for example. Plus, locally sources building materials can be used in the construction.

Modern underground houses are a great way to minimize the negative impact on the environment. If you’re willing to try this way of living, you can have a completely off-grit, solar-powered home, without having to sacrifice any comfort. You can check out our gallery and share your thoughts in the comments section below.