Modern tropical living room

Modern tropical living room

Modern tropical living room, with a tropical atmosphere that bright and colorful, can give the feel of its own for people who love it. To make your living room looks slightly warm and vibrant, tropical-style decor can be an option. You can bring the atmosphere of a tropical beachfront hotel on decorating the living room at home. Here are some ideas of tropical style living room that you can make an inspiration in designing the living room or family room.


modern tropical living room



tropical living room designs



There are several things for Modern tropical living room that you can apply to bring tropical-style living in residential beloved. You can use a neutral color with a natural material derived materials such as wood, bamboo or rattan. For that you should avoid material with metallic materials. In the selection of furniture, use a material with a texture and vibrant colors to evoke the impression of a tropical, like a dark pink or green color. To enhance the warm tropical atmosphere, complete your living room with colored carpet, but nevertheless remain neutral and warm colors to highlight in order not to seem tacky.


tropical living room



tropical living room ideas


So that the room in which we live still gives the feel of fresh, add plants that are placed on higher ground, such as on the table, next to the window, or also can be saved in the corner. This can give the green shades of the room. In setting the exposure chamber, seal your windows with bamboo material, but still make sure to allow the light to go into. The addition of a thin curtain on both sides of the window with a pretty ribbon fastening, can sweeten the room. Give a tropical effect can also be done by hanging paintings on the walls of artistic merit. To give the impression of a traditional, beach paintings can be considered, or to make it look modern abstract painting can be hung with matching curtains and ribbon color for your Modern tropical living room.