Modern plaster ornaments and sculptures for your garden

There are many decorative elements you can use for garden decoration. Depending on the atmosphere you’re trying to create, you can choose natural stones, wood sculptures, decorative fountains and waterfalls and many more. In this post, we’re going to talk about modern plaster ornaments and sculptures for your garden.


This amazing sculpture is hand-carved out of a solid block of plaster, which was cast in a bucket. The sculpture itself is an abstract representation of natural elements. It is inspired by general forms you can find in the landscape, the creatures that live there and the feelings these natural elements invoke. This plaster sculpture is called Sliver of the Flames and uses the forms and flowing movement of flickering flames in an abstract way. This plaster sculpture can be the central piece of your garden.

plaster sculpture

This small plaster sculpture is called Broken Dreams. It is an abstract representation of a sinking sailboat. This piece of contemporary art looks pretty amazing. The delicate flowers make it ideal for garden decoration. If you’re a fan of modern art and abstract plaster sculptures, you can get a similar piece for your garden. Considering the name of this work of art and what it represents, you can figure out some creative way to display a piece like this one in your landscape.


If you really love modern, abstract art works, created from plaster, you can get a plaster sculpture of a face or part of it to decorate your garden. This incredible piece can be the central piece in your landscape. You just need to choose the right garden lighting to highlight its beauty. This plaster sculpture will definitely show off your sense of beauty and unique taste.

You’re not very likely to find many plaster ornaments and sculptures with modern design. Most of the pieces have classic or vintage look. But if you want a contemporary piece, you can contact an artist, who takes orders online and share your ideas.