Modern Minimalist House

Modern Minimalist House

Trends include the elements taken into account in building a new home. Modern minimalist house, as a contemporary style of building houses, attracted many new homeowners, including young people. Pure minimalist style that tends to be cold and empty, no doubt affect the comfort of staying in the house. Some specific ways of processing, minimalist style makes the house look beautiful. Not out of the concept and also remains comfortably habitable.


modern minimalist house


You should be able to play on the facade of the house for this modern minimalist house. As the face of the house, the facade is the part that must be taken seriously enough. Playing on a facade for a minimalist style house can be done mainly on a mix of geometric shapes such as lines and boxes. Impressive use of modern materials such as glass, polycarbonate and steel can also be applied. Furthermore, the staining in certain parts is also possible, so that not only must the color of tone of black, white or gray only. The addition of plants in the front yard and the little pots are placed on balcony suggests a refreshing green.


modern minimalist interior living room


Minimalist interior tension that tends to be distinguished by differences in the function of the processing chamber with different wall. In addition to paint the walls a certain color, use a simple wallpaper with a pattern also seen enough to make beautiful. Partition of transparent glass with a white motif, it can be a room divider that does not leave a modern minimalist house style.


modern minimalist interior design


Similarly, the ceiling of the house. The part that was originally plain white, it’s worth given a special module that fill the vacancy. Of course, choose a simple design and blend with the overall style of minimalism. The use of lighting is inserted between the module and the ceiling above gives a different impression of the room. Proper placement of furniture is the key. A tiny house wants a stylish, no? Rack and built-in sideboard is a great way to become an efficient storage. Adjust the size of rooms and occupants required functions. Can also be selected visually beautiful finishing. For example, in a shiny duco paint or special coating with a solid color or color of the wood firmly, suits on modern minimalist house.