Modern Garden with LED Lights and Rattan Furniture

Having a garden in your home is a blessing. This is the perfect place for relaxation, family fun and hanging out with friends. If you live in a modern home, you should choose modern furniture and lighting for your garden. In this post, we will show you a few ideas for a modern garden with LED lights and rattan furniture.

terrace garden

This incredible small terrace garden has modern and stylish design. It features a sloped ceiling, wooden floor and columns. The rattan furniture set makes the space look cozy and inviting. It adds style and natural beauty to the space. This terrace garden is the perfect place to invite friends over for barbeque or afternoon coffee. You can also use it for family gatherings, as there’s enough space for big families. The sparkling LED lights make the garden look even more attractive. They are cleverly placed to provide sufficient lighting and to highlight the wooden columns. The natural finishes of the floor and furniture create a beautiful, calming atmosphere. You can use this design idea to furnish a small terrace garden over your garage or on the balcony.

modern garden

Creating a modern garden is an ideal solution, if you want a comfortable place for relaxation or outdoor family dinners, with simple, but stylish look. This is a great choice if your house has a modern minimalist architecture. Design your garden with square shape, clean, straight lines and few decorations. Install LED lights to light the garden for safety and create beautiful accents. Comfortable seating is another important thing for your modern garden. When you invite guests for a barbeque, make sure you can accommodate everyone. Rattan furniture sets are suitable for the garden. They are durable and can withstand the weather conditions outside. Adding a heater to your modern garden will make the place warmer and cozier. This way you’ll never catch a cold, when spending the nights outside. This will also help you create a beautiful focal point.


If you want to make your modern garden look really attractive, you can add a gazebo near the pool area. Furnish it with rattan furniture and plant some tropical plants to create a more exotic look. Install LED lights around the pool and the seating area, and create some accents under the trees. The garden lighting will make the place safer at night. This will make you feel like you’re on a vacation on a tropical island any time you go out in the garden. The gazebo will be the perfect spot for afternoon coffee with friends, and all your neighbors will look forward to your next barbeque invitation.

If you want to furnish and decorate a modern garden, you can see pictures of many other designs online. Basically, all you need is comfortable seating and proper lighting. The choice of decorations and furniture designs depend entirely on your personal preferences.  You can create centerpieces with planters, decorative fountains, fireplaces or sculptures. If you want the natural beauty of plants to be the main attraction in your garden, keep the decorative items to a minimum.