Modern day kitchen

Food is a necessity and the kitchen is where food is prepared. Basically, what we ask of a kitchen is a refrigerator, a cooker and a sink. What makes our kitchen a modern day kitchen is the way we can position and arrange all these appliances together.

modern day kitchen




In the picture of the modern day kitchen provided above, we can see that the kitchen cabinets are a mixture of creamy and black colors. The refrigerator is pushed to the corner of the room. The stainless steel refrigerator suits the color of the cabinets.  The sink is right next to the refrigerator and is ceramic of nature. Above the sink, we have niches and compartments for storing spices, putting away the washed dishes and pots to dry up and also, there is space for dry food items such as rice, beans, spaghetti and so on. Every modern day kitchen needs to have these.

On the other corner of the room, we have the cooker. It is a modern day cooker with a thick piece of glass covering the cooking stoves which makes it look more elegant and classy. Plus, it reduces the risk of a fire outburst as the stoves are covered. Above the cooker, we have an aspirator which is used as a suction device for the vapor coming out of the pots when cooking. The aspirator is very important for the modern day kitchen, as not everyone has one of those.

modern day kitchen

The lighting of the modern day kitchen is also unique. It includes three light bulbs of conical shape facing different directions and are of fluorescent nature.  The floor of the kitchen is modern as well. It is made of shiny, polished wood which is easy to clean and maintain. A modern day kitchen shows elegance and class and can easily be obtained. It’s not so expensive as people think it to be. It’s actually quite affordable.