Modern Classic Design Style

Modern Classic Design Style

Modern classic design style — If your hobby design layout of your home, you can try to apply the classical style, without carving or intricate detail, but with a modern twist. Be the feel of ‘mature’ in your layout. You can add a touch of contemporary classical and modern oriental to give the impression of an adult. So is the use of color tend to be dark brown wood, to reinforce the design maturity. In order to impress more wah, he uses a lot of mirrors on the walls of the rooms, making it increasingly looks more spacious.


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modern classic interior design



modern classic interior


Nevertheless you can still use the favorite colors for your interior colors. Here’s for example, the arrangement of the private spaces / bedroom, tailored to each user’s wishes. For the master bedroom you can organize your room like a five-star hotel suite. You can complete your bedroom with sitting area for lounging while watching TV, reading or just talking. You can also choose shades of gold and silver combined with the color theme of chocolate, which gives the impression of a warm and relaxed glamor in your modern classic design style bedroom. For the color theme in children’s bedrooms, you should use your favorite colors to their liking.

modern classic design



modern classic interior design style


Modern design as well as the classic it is not easy to implement. You need to be careful and cautious. If one part is not balanced will cause an unbalanced design. You can play around with the furniture and the color theme of the room. Usually brown and beige colors are dominating modern-classic design. The black color also can be used as an alternative for a modern twist. And in some parts you can combine wood and metal furniture berunsur so getting a modern-classic look that you expect. In principle, never be afraid to design the layout of your home. You have every right to determine the design that you like. Make sure you are comfortable with the parts of your home. Because your home, your kingdom.