Modern ceramic pots for cooking

Any kitchenware store you go to, you will find stocks of ceramic pots and pan. Ceramic pots are either glazed or unglazed. The glazed ones are the ones that normally come in a variety of colors. Ceramic pots and pans are mostly used for baking and frying, because their smooth, non-stick surface makes them easy to clean. The unglazed ceramics are porous and absorb too much water, hence, they are suitable for boiling and steaming.

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ceramic cooking pan

Ceramic pots come in several colors, styles and patterns. They are easy to match with any cookware you already own. They are very durable due to their material and they do not rust, scratch or peel. Also, ceramic pots require no polishing whatsoever. Ceramic cook ware are flexible and that is why they are growing to be the latest trend in kitchen cookware.

High quality ceramic pots are safe and won’t leach out harmful toxins into your food, therefore, making them a safe option for your family. With proper care, ceramic cookware can serve you a lifetime. The major downside and disadvantage of ceramic pots is that they are usually more expensive than other cookware types. However, if you want to invest into something that will last and something you will benefit from, ceramic cookware should be your choice.

modern ceramic kitchenware


ceramic kitchenware

Maintaining your ceramic cookware is easy. You do not need much effort to make your ceramic pots and pans gleam. A soft sponge and an ordinary detergent should do the job for you. Sometimes, even a paper towel can be used to clean them, as long as no oily stuff were cooked in them. If you accidentally burnt some food in your ceramic pots, there are some techniques you can follow, like soaking the surface in a mixture of vinegar, baking soda and water.

ceramic cooking pots

Ceramic pots may take a while to heat up, but once they do, they spread the heat evenly throughout and retains it much longer than regular steel pots. If you like, start with an initial low temperature, then gradually raise it until you determine how your cookware performs with you personal stove. Avoid using the dishwasher often to clean your ceramic pots and pans. It may destroy the glazed surface eventually. Any type of utensil can be used for stirring and serving food from the ceramic cookware.

The ceramic pots and pans do offer a lot of advantages to the cook and chef, and that is why more and more people are replacing their old cookware with ceramic ones.