Modern Bedroom Ideas by DeYoungDesign

Modern Bedroom Ideas by DeYoungDesign

bedroom-design-ideas”>decorating a bedroom with a modern concept that gives luxury impression. The latest design from DeYoungDesign further highlight decorations on the walls are made ​​with a variety of styles. The walls are decorated with a design of three-dimensional shape of a large circle with smaller circles inside. Then the walls were painted with glossy black color in order to reflect the object in front so the bedroom would be glamorous. There are also other three-dimensional ornament is hung to reinforce the modern bedroom looking.

Modern Bedroom Sets By DeyoungdesignA 29 inch televisions placed on top of the wall facing the main bed. You can rest or relax in bed with a view favorite tv shows. This bedroom looks elegant with the dominant cream color on a blanket, duvet covers, carpet and curtains. To see details about the modern bedroom, please visit DeYoungDesign.

Modern Bedroom Furniture By Deyoungdesign