Kitchen island – Modern and practical furnishing tips

Today’s kitchen island is a far cry from the basic medieval food preparation table, but still serves the same purpose. It is now a significant item of kitchen furniture that can accommodate sinks, faucets, waste disposal units and even racks, drawers and cabinets for your cooking utensils and tools. Even in smaller kitchens people are examining the possibilities that could arise by clearing away the traditional kitchen cabinets, and replacing them with a kitchen island that offers the same amount of walking space and even more.

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The biggest benefits you can get from purchasing and installing a kitchen island are increased work space, storage for cutlery and cooking utensils, seating and eating areas, incorporates a waste bin, and it also provides a working surface for food preparation. There are many more benefits according to how you use this type of kitchen furniture. There are a lot of things you need to consider before buying a kitchen island and not only the cost.

The space and design of your kitchen will determine what kind of kitchen island you get. You need about 3 feet of walking space around the kitchen island unit, and you must be sure that the drawers and doors in the cabinets have room to open. The height of the counter on the island should ideally be the same as the rest of the counters and cabinets in the kitchen. The best thing to do is to buy the kitchen island together with the rest of the kitchen cabinets so that it complements the whole kitchen and suits the style. If the island does not fit the whole style of the kitchen, it can be disastrous.


Regarding colors and designs, kitchen islands can be made from a number of different materials. The framework of the island is generally wood, although the counter surface can be metal or even granite. Try to avoid aluminum if possible, because that is very soft and easily cut and scratched, and the metal oxidizes to a dull finish.


Many islands are fitted with burners and sinks with a hot and cold water supply, but this is not essential if you already have a traditional sink and stove. There are many different designs of pot hooks or racks that can be used on or above your kitchen island.  Many people fit hooks to the ceiling to hold cooking pans of different types, but that will depend on the height of your ceiling. If you are hanging anything from the ceiling, make sure that there is sufficient clearance so that people do not bang their heads on a skillet or frying pan.

Kitchen island

A kitchen island can act as informal dining area for the kids or it can act as additional seating when entertaining.  Having access to your family or guests is always an advantage while cooking and preparing meals. You may also get a mobile kitchen island which offers more room when you and your friends want to cook a huge meal and each person takes a section of the kitchen to prepare. Once your meal is complete, roll your kitchen island out of the way for added space. The island is perfect for kids; whether it is homework time or they just want to pitch in and help make dinner.



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A kitchen island can be a useful item of kitchen furniture, but it must serve a purpose and must not be restrictive. You can get cheap kitchen islands which have plastic laminate surfaces if cost is a concern for you. Get more kitchen storage space, seating and comfort now. Purchase the kitchen island no matter the size of your home.