Mixing design styles in the apartment decor

Mixing design styles in the apartment decor

Every interior design project follows the rules of a certain style – contemporary, classic, etc. The idea behind today’s post is to comment on one of our interior design projects, which aims to blend elements from two quite different decor techniques. The goal is to combine contemporary design with classic elements in a unique combination.

The base of our project is the living room, where according to our humble opinion we have created a flawless atmosphere. The fireplace, the French windows and the comfortable sofa provide for an unbeatable interior. The small board near the media corner can easily be transformed into a study by placing your laptop on top. The shelf that connects the fireplace and the wall behind it is the perfect place for some books and family photos. The leather rocking chair in from of the fireplace is just what you need in order to sink into a world of calmness with a favorite book in hand.

Apart from the living room, we have put a lot of thought in the dining room and the kitchen. The kitchen island is just perfect for all those cooking activities, while the baskets beneath it can be used to store so many kitchen appliances and cooking utensils. The concealed ceiling lighting and the unique lamps above the dining table underline the charm of the kitchen area. Thanks to the few chairs, the kitchen island can be used as a kitchen bar as well, where you could welcome a friend or two in an informal atmosphere.

The entry hall is simple, functional and attractive at the same time. We have placed a wardrobe so that we can save some space in the bedroom and a shoe cabinet. A few extra shelves above the wardrobe provide some extra space for shoes.